Nellie’s One Soap (Fragrance Free)

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Product Description

From dishes to dogs: Nellie’s All-Natural One Soap cleans it all. This color-free, SLS, SLES and toxin-free formula effortlessly strips away food and grime, creating hypoallergenic results. Each bottle is 19 ounces. In a convenient plastic bottle with a flip cap. Fragrance free.

HOW TO USE: Lather & rinse. Use on anything from dishes, hands or dogs. Do not use in dishwasher.

INGREDIENTS: Water, cocoyl glucoside (sugar based detergent), laureth-7 (non-ionic detergent), cocoamidopropyl betaine (plant-based lather booster), cocoamidopropyl amine oxide (plant-based foam stabilizer)


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