Your New Favorite Stain Remover

The WOW Stick Stain Remover At Nellie’s, we are constantly striving for cleanliness, that’s why our WOW Stick Stain Remover will be your new best friend.  Derived from natural ingredients, the WOW Stick (like all Nellie’s products) is free from dyes or synthetic fragrances. It contains lemongrass and sweet orange, which is an active ingredient in the stain removing… Read More

The Benefits of Wool Dryerballs

Ditch the Sheets, Switch to Wool Making the switch to wool dryerballs and ditching regular dryer sheets has many benefits. Research shows that the toxic chemicals coating regular dryer sheets and fabric softeners link to many health issues. These include hormone imbalance, skin and breathing problems, and also cancer. As per Healthy Living How To: Studies have… Read More

Nellie’s All-Natural Laundry Nuggets Explained

Ever wished you could measure the perfect amount of laundry soap every time you put a load on? Nellie’s All-Natural Laundry Nuggets are the solution. Measured out into one-load packets, all you have to do is throw a laundry nugget in with your clothes and turn on the washing machine. Laundry Nugget Basics The casing on… Read More